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My name is Cheree. Welcome to our shop, catering to pets and their owners is what we aim to do. I am a mother of eight, five children and three pets. I am a normal busy mother with many tasks to accomplish daily. More than a year ago I created Hazel's Family page on Facebook

to share my funny pets! I have a Dachshund named Frank that is more then ten years old, and we adore him. We found out years ago that he suffers with IVDD (Intervertebral disc disease). Well, early in 2020 one morning we found him motionless, unable to move three legs. We were panicking. We had not experienced this with him before. Up until that day his only symptom was curvature in his back and its resulting pain. Frank was silent but we were hysterical. So I think in an effort to calm us he took that one leg and slid from my bathroom to where I was in my room. This made me see the fight in him and my resolve to fight with him began. His doctor recommened surgery immediately or his condition could be permanent. We opted not to go forward with surgery but began giving him natural treatments. With his doctor's care he regained his mobility and he is walking on his own now. Please note:  before recovery he lost his ablity to urinate, pass bowels and his freedom to move. Since my experience I now feel inspired to help others. It is true that life presents many challenges, but with the help and support of others we can have the courage not to give up.

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Who is not concerned about their time? All of us value our time and who we spend it with. Hazel's Shop aims to provide that helping hand to all. Hazel's provides organic, pure, grain free, bio-base and no artificial color and flavor foods and supplements for your pets. Also, advanced nutrition weight loss dog food. We also have joint health supplements for dogs .
Now, we cater to your pets but we never forget about the hand that feeds them, the owners! How do we do this?  Just to name a few of our products for you we have:

*    Multivitamins formulated to give essential nutrients for health and wellness.

*    Vegan protein shakes for you that only has 100 to 200 calories per serving.

*     Probiotics- Non GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, No Added Sugar, No Flavors,

       No Colors or Preservatives, No Refrigeration Required

Hazels is your one-stop shop both for you and for your pets health and wellness. Please keep in mind, we open our doors to hear from our customers and get to know what they need, and how we can be of assistance. Thanks for stopping by.


I'm always looking for your feed back! 


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