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Soft Fleece Pet Blanket/Custom Print

Soft Fleece Pet Blanket/Custom Print

SKU: 27770773787026722453

Fleece is king when it comes to fluffy softness. As such, the personalized fleece  blanket is a cuddle necessity. 30” by 40”, this 100% polyester rectangle supports printing on one side. These items are preconstructed before printing, so exact symmetry is not guaranteed. Due to the microfiber construction, small colored dots may pop up. A cold wash cycle and a tumble dry, however, should reduce this possibility.

.: 100% Polyester
.: One-sided print
.: One size (30″ × 40″)
.: Pre-constructed item (size varies +/- 1")
.: Made in China, printed in the United States

Image by [Alena Ozerova / Shutterstock]

Website product Image by [Eric Isselee / Shutterstock]

These blankets are wonderful to snuggle in with your pets or to identify sentimental memories that can be seized in both visual and tactual quality.

Price is subject to change for additional image uploads

Print file requirements:

  • JPG and PNG file types supported
  • Maximum file size 50 MB
  • Recommended size 7824 × 9324 px
  • Maximum resolution 23000 x 23000 px 

(Note: Price at check out will include tax, shipping, custom designs outside of the standard 1 image, and then price listed for blanket).

Additional images are $3.00 per image.                                                   


To place an order you must:

1. Register with your email address and name. 

2. Upload an image that meets the criteria to ensure maximum quality of the product. 

3. Hazel's will send you a preview of your image, and if you're in love, we will place your order followed up with a confirmation in your email.

  • Return Policy

    For all products, you have 15 days from receiving the item(s) to return your order without explanation as long as the items are in perfect condition, in their original packaging, and any safety seals are not damaged. Most products qualify for Free Returns and/or Buyer Protection returned to us in good condition we will offer you a store credit plus shipping cost

  • Shipping Policy

    Shipping in our shop is free in the US. Hazels will not be responsible for any delayed shipping due to holidays or Covid. Thank you for your support.

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